Cirta,Qacentina,Constantine,a tribute to my home town.

more info here:,_Algeria favorite website: Constantine (Arabic: قسنطينة‎) is the capital of Constantine Province in north-eastern Algeria. Slightly inland, it is about 80 kilometers from the Mediterranean coasts Regarded as the capital of eastern Algeria and the centre of its region, Constantine has a population of over 750,000 (1 000,000 with the agglomeration), making it the third largest city in the country after Algiers and Oran. Constantine is situated on a plateau at 640 metres above sea level. The city is framed by a deep ravine and has a dramatic appearance. The city is very picturesque with a number of bridges and a viaduct crossing the ravine. The ravine is crossed by four bridges, including Pont Sidi M'Cid. Constantine has one university, the University of Constantine, which was founded in 1969. There are museums and important historical sites around the city. Constantine is the railhead of a prosperous and diverse agricultural area. It also a center of the grain trade and has flour mills, a tractor factory, and industries producing textiles, wool, linen, and leather goods[citation needed]. Algeria and Tunisia serve as its markets.