Eugene Fromentin,French Artist ZABANA MUSEUM ORAN ALGERIA

Many people know about the Zabana Museum but very little is written about the famous artists represented there. They have a RODIN sculpture and work by Eugene Fromentin, a French Artist who painted Algeria in the 1800s. I made this video to expose Algerians to the work that was painted in their country and to the fact that his work actually is on display in the country he adored, Algeria. Pierre Deval is featured there as well as many 20th century beloved Algerian artists. I made this little video to let Algerians know just how lovely the Zabana is and to know the fact that Algeria has some great work in its collections. Their address is 19 blvd Zabana, Oran Algeria. They also have a large natural history collection as well as several 18th century paintings. "Their white city shelters them, almost in the way the burnoose, their national dress, envelops them, in a coarse and unrelieved refuge, a single compact tangle of masonry, built like a tomb, where life unfolds. The Arab thinks he lives in his white city; he buries himself in it." —Eugène Fromentin, Une année dans le Sahel (Paris, 1874)