Manajah Presents : Algeria

Manajah Presents : Algeria Algeria (Arabic: الجزائر) officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country located in North Africa Capital: Algiers Official languages: Arabic Area: 2.381.741 Km² Population: Ca. 35.000.000 Ethnic groups: 99 % Arab/Berber 1 % Other Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD) Motto: من الشعب و للشعب (By the people and for the people) Religion: 98 % Sunni Muslims 1 % Ibadi Muslims 1 % Other Sports: The most popular sports in the country are football (Soccer), athletics and handball Algeria is the second largest country on the African continent Civil War: A political conflict ensued, leading Algeria into the violent Algerian Civil War. More than 160,000 people were killed between 17 January 1992 and June 2002