SELIGER 2011 Seliger is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow. 700 exceptional individuals will come together to build an international network. Seliger offers you: A place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today's and future business, political, and academic leaders of the world •A unique opportunity to interact with intelligent and ambitious youth from across the globe •A creative collaborative environment where everyone has an opportunity to share ideas, find supporters and investors •World's only camp, located in the woods, that combines untouched wild setting and has electric sockets, Wi-Fi access, and its own TV channel •An unforgettable adventure at a unique well-preserved breathtaking lake eco-system The Forum seeks to set up a global network to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and education among the young people and to foster conditions for them to work together on designing joint international projects and initiatives. To attain this goal the participants of the Forum will be offered an intensive educational program consisting of 4 modules: •Mass Media and Public Relations -- you will publish your own newspaper, develop innovative pr-strategies for real cases and learn to make a state-of-the-art blogs and webpages •Business and Enterprise -- with Russian and international businessmen telling you their stories of success and companies giving you business cases to solve you will get an in-depth knowledge of innovative entrepreneurship •Civil and Social development -- discuss the most pressing issues of social development with the like-minded committed peers and renowned experts, learn the best practices of the most efficient international NGOs and make a difference •World Politics -- add new edges to your analytical framework discussing the future of global development with leading think-tank representatives, career diplomats and researchers; enhance your vision and ability to predict events in order to lead and not to follow in tomorrow's world