The Wonderful Sahara Of Algeria

The Wonderful Sahara Of Algeria Sahara Wonderland shows a unique place of our planet, the birthplace of humanity. It shows the magic and the loneliness of the location and should convey a feeling for our planet and the environment. Locations Directly from the Ahaggar National Park following locations are in the video: Spaceship (View to Earth) Tassetouft (Sunrise, huge starry sky) View on Google Maps:​Tassetouft Tin Ackacheker (Sand and sun, moon and stars) View on Google Maps:​Tin-Ackacheker Thaggahrat (Sanddunes with wind) Idenet (Rocks and tree, campfire, night sky) View on Google Maps:​Idenet-Oued Tagelmant sama (Sunset on hill) View on Google Maps:​Tagelmant-sama Tilafassa (Sunset clouds) View on Google Maps:​Tilafassa Youf Aghlal (Strange rock formation) View on Google Maps:​Youf-Aghlal Assekrem (View over Hoggar Mountains) View on Google Maps:​Assekrem Eghahar-Malan (Sunset on a rock) View on Google Maps:​Eghahar-Malan