Traveler with Quran-6-Why Memorize? Mauritania-مسافر-مع-القرآن-الحلقة-6

For English subtitles, click "cc" The sixth episode of the Show "Traveler with the Quran" aired on Ramadan 2012. The show was produced in Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Mauritania, and Chechnya. It explores various methodologies used to memorize the Quran in those countries. Through it, the secrets of Quran memorization and perfections are unveiled. The show is directed by Ahmad Azb, prepared by Yusuf Al-Ansari, and produced by 4Frame and BlueTech media companies. Director assistances are Kamil Al-Kandari and Muhammad Yousri. Disclaimer: This is a personal effort to translate this work. Some phrases might have been altered to match English. Inaccuracies are also possible. I acknowledge that and appreciate your feedback as well!