About Algeria, Quick Facts and Overview

Algeria is one of the most popular tourist countries in North Africa, and is the second largest country in Africa. Bordering Morocco, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Niger, the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Sahara, Algeria is home to a diverse landscape and a population of approximately thirty-five million. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and even though its economy is reliant on a variety of sectors, agriculture still plays a vital role in the provision of products for the country and for export. Products such as cotton, tobacco, olive oil, cereal, figs, cork, barley, wheat, vegetables and citrus fruits are cultivated in the country. Over recent years the tourism industry has begun to grow and develop, bringing international visitors to Algeria with opportunities to explore its beauty and diversity.

Arriving in Algeria and Transport

Traveling to Algeria can be done by airplane, as it has fifty-two airports and a number of smaller airstrips scattered around the country. There are international airports in the major cities and tourists are able to fly between cities while in Algeria, but bookings are essential as domestic flights are popular and finding last-minute seats can be difficult. Taxis and buses are available, and travel by railway is another option. With almost four thousand kilometers of railway, most destinations within Algeria can be reached and the Souk Ahras-Ghrdimaou line connects Algeria with Morocco and Tunisia. Ferries and travel by boat are interesting option for tourists, with large ports being located in Jijel, Oran, Annaba, Skikdam Arzew, Algiers, Mostaganem and Bejaia. Travel by road is possible with over seventy-one thousand kilometers of the roads being paved, but the majority of the roads remain unpaved. Major highways, such as the Trans-Sahara Highway and two routes which are a part of the Trans-African Highway, are available and the country is currently working on the construction of a new highway.

Outdoor Adventures

There are many outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy, whether they prefer relaxing or exploring the country. Many hotels and destinations offer sporting activities such as tennis, swimming and golf, with a variety of golf courses available to the avid sports fanatic. Trekking through Algeria is a very popular activity, and many tour operators in Algeria offer visitors magnificent outdoor adventures. Taking on the Hoggar Mountains, discovering the mysteries of the Sahara Desert, testing ones abilities against the 2908 meter Jabal Tahat, or becoming a temporary member of the Tuareg and their caravan of camels, are all different ways to enjoy trekking in Algeria. Sunsets are breathtaking on the plateaus, and photographic opportunities wait around every corner.

Natural Wonders

When it comes to nature and the wildlife of Algeria, the country is unlimited in beauty. The World Heritage Site of the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range is nothing less than spectacular and the limestone valley of M’Zab is a popular attraction. Nature reserves and national parks, such as the Gouraya National Park, Belezma National Park, Tassili National Park and Mergueb Nature Reserve, conserve and protect the wildlife and magnificent birdlife of Algeria. Visitors will get the opportunity to see amazing animals such as leopard, marsh mongoose, fennec, cheetah, red fox and panthers, to name but a few. Bird watching enthusiasts find Algeria to be a treasure chest of birds, with many exotic birds, including migratory birds, making Algeria their home.


Algeria has a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Hammadid empire’s first capital city, the breathtaking citadel the Casbah of Algiers, the town of Tipasa and the Roman ruins of Timgad and Djemila. Its history, culture and traditions are very important to the people of Algeria, and establishments such as the Bardo Ethnographic and Local Art Museum and National Museum of Fine Arts reflects the heritage of Algeria. Structures such as the Masourah Fortress and the Grand Mosque are superb examples of architecture and allow visitors a glimpse into the past. From spectacular attractions, to breathtaking natural wonders, Algeria has something for everyone and is a country that should be explored.

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Enjoy your Algerian adventure!

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