Events, Festivals, Concerts

Several events, celebrations and festivals are held in Algeria each year. Such celebrations may be religious, cultural or political in nature. We've mentioned a few of them here to help our users learn more about Algerian events.

Independence Day is celebrated on 5 July and commemorates Algeria's independence from France in 1962. Revolution Day is held as a reminder of the organized attacks on the French military installations, public facilities and communication buildings by the National Liberation Front. This is commemorated every year on 1 November.

National Day on 19 June is celebrated in remembrance of the day when the rule of Mohammed Ben Bella was overturned in a coup d’etat in 1965. The Prophet’s Anniversary is the celebration of the birth of the prophet Mohammed.

Certain holidays are held on different days each year as they are calculated according to the Islamic calendar. Muslim festivals are traditionally held in accordance with the phases of the moon. Ramadan continues for a lunar month and ends with the Eid al-Fitr feast days. In general shops, restaurants and other business remain open during Ramadan. However, in the more orthodox areas of the south, you may find that restaurants are closed during the day and transport is difficult to find.

Below is a list of public holidays held in Algeria:


1 – New Year’s Day
Eid Al Adha
Islamic New Year




11 – Mouloud (Prophet’s Anniversary)


1 – Labor Day


19 – Revolutionary Day


5 – Independence Day


Eid a Fitr


1 – Anniversary of the Revolution