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Annaba is a city that is situated in the north-eastern region of Algeria near the Wadi Seybouse River. It is just 100 kilometers from the Tunisian border and 150 kilometers southwest of Constantine. The city is located in the Annaba Province and has a population of about 550 000 residents.

Annaba's atmosphere is very similar to that of Algiers and provides a delightful destination for tourists with a need for a more European environment during their stay in Algeria.

Annaba is one of the country’s leading ports and also serves as a very important administrative, commercial and industrial center for the country. The large El Hadjar steelworks, built with French and Soviet financial and technical aid, constitutes the chief industry. Other industries include chemical manufacturing, food canning, cork production, and railway construction. Annaba is also the main port for mineral export in Algeria and it exports iron, zinc and steel.

Annaba and its surrounding regions boast a good capacity for agriculture and it was for this reason that it became popular among the French colonialists. Because of this, the city of Annaba reflects a very strong French heritage.

The Green Main Street, also known as the Cours de la Revolution, has a vibrant nightlife atmosphere. The horizon to the south is strongly dominated by the breathtaking Basilica of St. Augustine, which will remind you of the contemporary Sacre Coeur in Paris, France.

Annaba has a wide selection of good quality restaurants and the lodging provided by hotels is good in all price classes. The airport at Annaba offers connecting flights to almost all Algerian cities and also some to France. It has a fairly good infrastructure with frequent trains, busses and taxis for transportation. Annaba is also a ferry port for ferries going to Marseilles, France.

Many residents of Algiers and Oran come to Annaba to relax and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the big cities. Annaba has much to offer for tourists and is a definite must see when passing through Algeria.

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