Second largest erg in Algeria, Attractions, Algeria

The Sahara Desert region of Algeria is home to many small villages, breathtaking oasis and fascinating sand dunes, but it is also in this desolate landscape, where endless desert regions are found. Where there are no signs of life for miles; and where all that lies before you is an ocean of sand and its varied shapes and color. These seemingly lifeless stretches of sand are called ergs, and though Algeria has several of these phenomenons, there are two that are significant, and the Grand Erg Occidental is the second largest of them.

There are no laid out routes and roads through the Grand Erg Occidental as no villages are found in this region, due to the extremely low rainfall that is received each year. Contrary to belief, deserts do not only consist of sand, but of rock formations and pebbles, and in the Grand Erg Occidental, a variety of sand and stone can be found. Some of the landforms and features found in this region include sand dunes, Occidental-linear dunes, sand streaks, bedrock outcrops and dry lake beds. These unique features do allow for fascinating photographic opportunities, but the sense of isolation and lifelessness is overwhelming. Nowhere can the true feeling of desolation be experienced, but in a region where no life is found for miles, and where Mother Nature showcases her ruthlessness. The Grand Erg Occidental in an attraction in Algeria that is unique and completely unforgettable.

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