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Amsel is a small town situated just south of the Tamanghasset province. Tamanghasset (or Tamanrasset) is a province in southern Algeria, in the Ahaggar Mountains. Tamanghasset is the chief city of the Algerian Tuareg.

Very near to Amsel you will find the huge Ahaggar Mountains, also known as the Hoggar. They are situated in the middle of the Sahara desert, in the southern part of Algeria.

The Ahaggar Mountain region is mainly a rocky desert area with an average altitude of more than 900 meters above sea level. The highest peak, Tahat, is at 2918 meters above sea level. A celebrated and especially visited point is the Assekrem, where Charles de Foucald lived in the summer of 1905.

Amsel is a lovely destination for a day trip and it is a wonderful retreat during the busy summer months. The town has a great reservoir and swimming is allowed. The water of the reservoir is clean and clear and usually has a nice cool temperature. Amsel itself is very much a standard town with very few attractions to see. But it’s worthwhile to stroll around the shops for a bit of relaxation and bargain hunting. As long as you keep in mind that Amsel is a small village situated right in the middle of the Sahara desert, you will be fine.

Amsel has a typical desert climate. It is very hot and sometimes unbearable in the summer with temperatures sometimes exceeding 38’C. In sharp contrast, winter temperatures often fall well below 0’C. Rainfall is very rare and sporadic. However, since the climate is less extreme than most other areas of the Sahara, Amsel is a major location for biodiversity.

Today Amsel and the Tamanghasset province is a prime tourist destination in Algeria.

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