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If you are looking for a destination with a difference, Algeria may be just the sort of place you had in mind. Filled with interesting architecture, a whole lot of history and stunning landscapes, Algeria has a lot to offer the average tourist. For a holiday where you get to be the first among your friends to explore this fascinating North African country, visit Algeria's cities! Some of the best Algerian cities are located along the Mediterranean coastline and will offer you the chance to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the sea whilst in a very desert-like country.

Algeria’s most popular tourist destination city is undoubtedly Algiers. As the country’s largest and most important city, as well as being the capital, it has a whole lot to offer the average tourist. The city is a stunning visual contrast of the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean and the white of the many glistening white-washed buildings that characterize the city. Algiers has a great harbor, plenty of entertainment and a number of interesting museums and historical buildings worth seeing. It also has a fascinating history and is one of the best places to learn more about the French and Arab cultures that pervade Algeria.

Another great must-see destination is Oran, the birthplace of Rai music. Founded by Andalusian traders around 937 AD, the city is wonderfully old and has many longstanding cultural traditions. Oran is Algeria’s second largest city and it serves as an industrial, cultural and educational centre for the country. Another great aspect of visiting Oran is that a short drive out of town will have you at a number of great beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Batna started life as a French fortress but has long since been transformed into a picturesque little town in north-eastern Algeria. Today this French-styled town has become a centre for Algeria’s theatre and it features numerous cinemas, “cinematheques”, and a culture house. When you’re not watching talented young artists perform live, you might try touring the architecturally interesting town, visiting the great agricultural market or taking a day trip out of town to visit the ruins of two nearby Roman cities that are bound to capture your imagination.

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