Central Region - Home to the Vibrant Capital City of Algeria

Referring to Central Algeria, does not specifically mean the centre of the country, but in the case of Algeria, where the capital city is located. Algiers is therefore situated in Central Algeria, along the Mediterranean Coast. Cities such as Bouire, Tizi Ouzou, Medea, Blida and Boumerdes are all located in Central Algeria. Algiers is not only the capital city of the country, it is also the largest city and a vital harbor, making it the heart of the Algerian economy and the gateway to trade in the country.

Bejaia, on the other hand, can be found in the Bejaia Province and is Kabylia’s biggest city. It is also a port city and derives its vital livelihood from exportation, producing products such as cork, wine, iron, dried figs and textiles. The picturesque town of Medea can be visited in the Medea Province, while the orchard and garden filled city of Blida is the spectacular capital of the Blida Province. Many of the towns and cities located in Central Algeria have rich and unique histories, wonderful attractions and are destinations that are vibrant and alive with business and entertainment. Central Algeria is a region that is home to many of the vital cities in Algeria, and is popular with tourists and visitors.


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juste me - 2011-02-19 18:42:59

Mr Boukharrouba please revise the glorious history of Algeria ICOSIUM named by our ancestors the Roman and if you wanna to spit iver Algeria come and do it frankly, so oy talked about a POST CLONIALISME existing in Algeria and abouve all entertaining by the fake Kabyl like you and harkist sons of France and jewish we are the kabyls sons of Moudjahidine martyrs not sons of harkist as DA AMIROUCHE said

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Kakashi - 2010-12-02 05:51:01

so how about employment? i heard from the news that Algeria is open to other countries for skilled and non-skilled overseas workers. how do they treat overseas workers? like Asian workers known for their being industrious? will they be treated well? not like other Arab Countries? will they be compensated properly? will they be safe?

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boukharouba - 2010-10-16 11:48:29

Everything in algeria is fake - Starting with the name. The name of the country is arlgelia from times ancient, and the Frenchies with their fascination with islamic jihad (Napoleon) finds the word algeria close to jazeera (island) - Even the arab connection, is his - Today's algeria is the result of POST COLONIALISM, with the EXCEPTIN of 1/3 of the country, the Kabyle Country that is, which resist all this dictatorship, for which it pays with the dangers from the state and its islamist troops, including al-qaeda. The proof of this is your censureship. This message will not be displayed, victim of your submission !

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