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Algeria is a land of great biodiversity. A massive country with a wide variety of landscapes and ecological zones, Algeria has a rich natural heritage. Considered by many to be the most unique natural country of the Mediterranean, Algeria's distinctive morphology, bioclimate, fauna and flora contribute to its great biodiversity. In fact, Algeria is home to some rare species such as the Monk Seal, Barbary red deer, Kabylie Nuthatch and Audouin's Gull. An extensive network of protected areas has been created in Algeria to protect this great natural heritage. Algeria's National Parks encompass a variety of ecosystems, from coastal areas to desert and mountain.

Tassili n’Ajjer National Park in Algeria takes in a large portion of the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range. Located in the southeast of Algeria, you will discover a variety of natural wonders in this Algerian National Park. The sandstone composition of the mountain range has resulted in a variety of rock arches and other landforms all slowly etched out by erosion. Sandstone has also contributed to the area’s ability to sustain large amounts of plant life as it holds water well. Vegetation in the Tassili n’Ajjer National Park is mostly woodland made up of endemic, endangered plant species, namely Saharan Myrtle and Saharan Cypress. Due to the numbers of endangered species along with the great archeological significance of the area, the National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site. The closest town providing access to the park is Djanet.

Below is a list of other protected areas and National Parks in Algeria. Be sure to visit one of these outstanding protected natural areas when touring Algeria.

Coastal National Parks of Algeria:
El Kala National Park
Gouraya National Park
Taza Naional Park

Algerian National Parks of the Mountain Areas:
Theniet El Had National Park
Djurdjura National Park
Chrea National Park
Belezma National Park
Tlemcen National Park

Algerian National Parks of the Steppe:
Djebel Aissa National Park

Algerian National Parks of Sahara:
Tassili National Park
l’Ahaggar National Park

Nature Reserves in Algeria:
la Macta Nature Reserve
Mergueb Nature Reserve
Beni-salah Nature Reserve
Babors Nature Reserve
Iles Habibas Marine Nature Reserve

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