Algeria as Host of The 2007 Arab Capital Initiative

The Annual Arab Cultural Capital initiative has been organized by UNESCO (the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) so as to celebrate colorful Arab culture as well as to promote cooperation amongst all the Arab states. In 2007 Algeria’s capital, Algiers, has the marvelous privilege of hosting this year-long program.

Preparation for the 2007 Algiers Arab Cultural Capital event began in 2006. Officials put in much work to clean up the city so that the world would see evidence of its beauty. Public squares along with green spaces have been brilliantly revitalized, pavements have been repaired and walls have had a new coat of paint. The immense efforts in preparing Algiers as the Arab Cultural Capital has gone a long way to improve people’s outlook on Algeria. For the enjoyment and convenience of visitors during this prestigious year, the authorities have made several improvements to security, transport and hygiene. Many locals were clearly pleased by the revamp of Algiers.

The 2007 Algiers Arab Cultural Capital program is set to include a wide variety of exciting activities and performances including theater, literature, cinema and art. During the year museums will host fascinating exhibits such as photography, painting and plastic art. Also to look out for is the Fatimid dynasty exhibit. Music of all genres will be enjoyed by large crowds gathering in the capital of Algiers. Amongst these fascinating music performances will be the genres of Raï, Bedouin, Kabylian, Chaabi, Andalouse, Gnawi and Malouf. Major publishing will be undertaken of comics, novels, poems and translated literary works. Also on the literary scene will be book fairs, meetings and the Arab festival of women’s poetry. Some 45 plays, both local and international will be enjoyed on the Algiers Arab Cultural Capital program. Add to this 77 new film productions and you have a very full calendar.

The official opening of Algiers as the Arab Cultural Capital for 2007 was on 12 January. A massive parade was held featuring folk troupes from 23 Arab countries. Continuing over 3 days it was a truly extraordinary cultural experience. On the Friday evening, Abdulaziz Belkhadim, the Algerian Prime Minister, inaugurated Algiers as the Arab Cultural Capital for 2007. Several important Arab culture ministers were in attendance. Joining in with the proceedings was Bader Al-Rifae, a representative of Kuwait and the secretary general of the National Council of Culture, Arts and Literature. The thrilling event, masterminded by Farid Aouamer, was opened with over 500 Algerian singers in a choral extravaganza. Certainly the opening of the Algiers Arab Cultural Capital event was an ideal introduction to a year filled with excitement, education and tourists. This marvelous opportunity is sure to draw thousands to Algiers and Algeria in general. Why not join in the fun and learn all about Algerian culture.