Speed Caravan Create a Unique Sound

The oud may be a musical instrument that is as old as time itself, but the music band known as Speed Caravan is as fresh as ever. This inspiring new rock act has taken the music genre to new highs with its revolutionary new sound, and fans around the globe are enthusiastically soaking in everything they have to offer.

The oud is a pear-shaped stringed instrument from which, it is thought, the better known lute was derived. It is also sometimes called the fretless lute and the art of playing such an instrument is difficult to learn and to master. Nevertheless, that did not stop Mehdi Haddab from not only mastering it, but from using it to create his own unique sense of rock ‘n roll. Mehdi Haddab is of Algerian decent and so his music and style have strong North African ties. In just a few years Haddab has managed to single-handedly transform the image of the humble oud from an antiquated oriental instrument to a vibrant, energetic rock instrument. The journey has taken him across the globe as he’s electronified the oud and formed several bands. He started with the Parisian-based electronica trio called ‘Ekova’ before moving on to become a part of the experimental duo known as DuOud. He has since moved on to form the great new rock act Speed Caravan.

Speed Caravan is comprised of three musicians: Pascal Teillet (bassist), Hermione Frank (electronics) and Mehdi Haddab (oud). Together they create a sound that is so fresh and energetic that it has been turning heads everywhere they have played. And the trio has been playing to a wide variety of audiences – touring the globe and even headlining at the 2008 WOMAD concert. While Mehdi Haddab has been called the Jimi Hendrix of the electronic oud, the Algerian-French trio’s music has been inspired by the likes of The Cure, The Chemical Brothers and many others. They have also enjoyed the inspiration of several local Algerian rai and Arabic music acts and they continue to be a big hit in their home country. During the course of 2008, Speed Caravan was able to produce their first album “Kalashnik Love.” Their album has been a global success, with fans snapping it up in a heartbeat. So the next time you see a show where Speed Caravan is booked to perform, make sure that you take the time to attend the performance and discover a whole new way to enjoy rock ‘n roll music.