Take Time Out at Algeria’s Beaches

When travelers arrive in Algeria, they come to enjoy the lure and mystery of the desert, learn of different cultures and embrace the historical traditions that make this beautiful country so unique. But once they have seen the picturesque beaches and endless stretches of coastline, it becomes difficult for them to drag themselves away form the warm sun, fascinating coastal wildlife and the salty smell that drifts off the lapping waves. Algeria has a great variety of beaches to explore, each with their own distinctive features and attractions.

The Turquoise Coast is a favorite beach amongst locals and tourists, as it not only has beautiful stretches of sand but offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a range of water sports and boat cruises at their leisure. Even though the city of Oran is known mostly for its bustling business sector and for the oil depot that is located here, there are a few noteworthy beaches on its shores. Some of the most popular beaches that are enjoyed by hundreds of tourists each year include Canastel, Sablettes, Les Andalouses, Ain El Turk and Kristel.

Near Sidi Fredj lies Palm Beach, which is safe for swimming enthusiasts and is a relatively clean and well-kept beach. As the beach is so close to Sidi Fredj, visitors often take a break from the sun, to enjoy the sports facilities and open-air theatre of the city. Most visitors find beaches such as Bordj Bahri and Bordj Kiffan to be beautiful, but terribly over-crowded, which can be quite intimidating for swimmers. The Bejaia region has begun to increase with popularity, as some of the most breathtaking beaches in Algeria are found in this region. But if you ask locals, they will most likely suggest the beaches in El Kala and those in Jijel. The coastline of Jijel is noted because of its extensive forests, islands and red beaches that have become somewhat of an attraction.

The Algerian government has been investing its efforts in the beaches of the country, to create resort towns and more tourist orientated beachfronts. If you want to spend a day at the beach, it is advised to find out which beaches are less conservative, as most local women swim with a pair of shorts over their bathing costumes or bikinis and at some beaches locals frown upon women that only wear their costumes. The beaches of Algeria are a friendly and welcomed break from the cities and towns, teeming with vendors, merchants and locals. It is an opportunity to relax to the soothing sounds of the roaring ocean and the warmth of Algerian hospitality.