Tikjda – Fun All Year Round

Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters in the Djurdjura Mountains in northern Algeria, the four-season resort of Tikjda offers local and international visitors the opportunity to enjoy snow sports in the winter and a variety of activities in the summer months. Whereas Tikjda was at one time inaccessible due to unrest and terrorist activities, this now peaceful resort welcomes visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

The resort is nestled in the cedar-covered peaks and valleys of the Djurdjura National Park, and during the winter months, Tikjda is the center of snow skiing activity in the Djurdjura Mountains, which forms part of the mighty Atlas Mountain Range. The facilities may be quite basic when compared to some of the top European ski resorts, but the snowfall is good, the scenery is spectacular and the people are friendly. Those who are not into sliding down the slopes on skis, snowboard or toboggan, can enjoy a picnic, a walk, the scenery and maybe try their hand at creating a snow-man in the snow-covered winter wonderland of Tikjda.

During the summer months, Tikjda offers numerous walking and hiking trails through the beautiful cedar forests, as well as plenty of opportunities for rock-climbing– an activity which is rapidly gaining followers all over the world. Visitors to Tikjda can incorporate excursions to the nearby Point De Vue Du Djurdjura, as well as Gouffre de l’Akouker where on a clear day the Mediterranean Sea and just about all of the Kabylia can be seen. The glacier of Takouatz Guerissene is located about three to four kilometers from Tikjda and around 10 kilometers to the west is the magnificent lake of Goulmin.

Algerians who enjoyed spending time at Tikjda before the years of conflict, are delighted to be able to visit it once again, with many traveling from as far as Algiers, around 150 kilometers to the west, to enjoy a break from the city. Algeria has huge untapped potential for tourism, which is starting to become evident to the world beyond its borders. Certainly, visitors will find that Tikjda reveals yet another side of Algeria’s multi-faceted beauty.