Travel to Biskra

On the borders of the Sahara Desert is a picturesque oasis that breaks the endless horizon of sand with its beautiful buildings and massive date palm plantations. It is estimated that the city of Biskra is home to approximately a hundred and fifty thousand date palm trees that are very important to the economy of city. With a population of over two hundred thousand, Biskra is the capital city of the Biskra Province and is a fascinating destination in Algeria for visitors to explore.

Due to its hot weather and ideal conditions in winter, many visitors flock to Biskra during the colder seasons to soak up its beauty and sun. It is also known for its wonderful market that sells a variety of fresh fruits of which dates, olives, pomegranates, figs and apricots are major agricultural products, as well as barley and wheat. It is also located close enough to major cities, such as Batna which is eighty kilometers away and Touggourt that lies two hundred kilometers to the south, making access to Biskra very convenient.

One of the major attractions in Biskra is its sulphur springs, called Hammam Salhine, that are used for medical purposes as they are believed to healed a variety of skin conditions and even rheumatism. They are also visited for recreation and are becoming increasingly popular with visitors. The rest of the city is nothing short of spectacular, with its tree-lined streets and a vast variety of breathtaking public gardens that provide families with the perfect venue to relax and spend time together. Many international photographers have traveled to Biskra over the years to capture its picture perfect moments and untouched beauty. Bela Bartok, a famous composer from Hungary, traveled to Biskra in 1913 in search of its traditional music. Even writers such as Andre Gide found inspiration in Biskra, using the city as settings for his novel, The Immoralist, which was released in 1902. Biskra is a destination in Algeria that captures the magnificence of the desert and offers visitors an unforgettable experience, while enjoying luxury accommodation in its hotels. Biskra continues to inspire, fascinate and rejuvenate travelers from all over the world.