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The Canadian Embassy in Algeria is located in the city of Algiers. The Ambassador of the Canadian Embassy in Algeria has the responsibility of maintaining good relations between the two countries. Algeria also has its own embassy in Ottawa, Canada, while the city of Montreal has an Algerian Consulate. The close relationship between Algeria and Canada has been reinforced by the fact that both countries make use of the French language and because there are many Algerian students that attend Canadian universities and educational institutions.

It is estimated that there are approximately 50 000 Algerians in Canada at present, the majority of which are living in Montreal. Through discussions and negotiations between the Canadian Embassy in Algeria and Algeria, a new flight schedule was created for Air Algerie in June 2007. They now have two scheduled flights a week between Algiers and Montreal, which will make traveling more easily accessible for the students. The Canadian Embassy promotes Canada in Algeria and encourages foreign investment in Algeria.

The Canadian Embassy also offers consulate services to Canadian citizens residing in Algeria and to any tourists who may be visiting the country. They are able to assist with passport issues and renewals, visas, voting from abroad, Canadian pensions and birth registrations. The Canadian Embassy in Algeria can also assist with marriages (but not with performing the ceremony), legal services, notary services and medical emergencies. During times of crisis, such as natural disasters, the Canadian Embassy can assist in contacting friends and family. They are also able to supply valuable information relating to travel, the laws of the country, culture, listings of medical facilities, doctors and lawyers. If a Canadian citizen is arrested or detained by the Algerian authorities, the Canadian Embassy will only be allowed to visit. However, they will also be permitted to recommend lawyers and to act as a liaison between the detainee and his/her family. They are not able to intervene in legal proceedings and detainees will have to abide by the Algerian Legal system. It is therefore advised that travelers familiarize themselves with the laws and legal system of Algeria.

Canadians who are returning home and are not sure what they are allowed to take back to Canada can also contact the Canadian Embassy in Algeria. They will be able to provide information relating to customs, medical related queries, pet imports, vehicle imports and general items that will or will not be accepted into Canada. The Canadian Embassy is dedicated to assisting Canadian citizens in Algeria and can be contacted during office hours with any queries or concerns you might have.

Canadian Embassy
18 Mustapha Khalef Street, Ben Aknoun, Algiers, 16035, Algeria
Telephone: (+213 70) 083 000 Fax: (+213 70) 083 070 or 083 040
Email: [email protected]

Please Note: Contact details are subject to changes.

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