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The British Ambassador to Algeria, located at the Embassy of the United Kingdom based in Algiers, has the responsibility of maintaining the relationship between the United Kingdom and Algeria and to promote and encourage business relations between the two countries.

The Embassy of the U.K. in Algeria also provides a range of services to tourists from the United Kingdom and citizens who are living in Algeria. Their consular services provide assistance with visas, passports, emergency services and information. There are a few services that the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria cannot provide and it is recommended that travelers familiarize themselves with these important services. The Embassy of the United Kingdom can provide advice and information relating to the transferal of money; can assist during illness, death or hospitalization; can assist during civil unrest, terrorism and natural disasters; can contact family or friends on your behalf and can provide details for medical facilities, doctors or lawyers.

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria cannot intervene in legal matters, such as negotiating release from prison, deportation or court proceedings. They are not permitted to negotiate in foreign procedures or immigration policies, nor can they investigate crimes or be held liable for costs incurred while in Algeria. The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria can also not make or cancel any travel arrangements or other such bookings on your behalf.

It is recommended that all citizens visiting Algeria inquire about the laws and customs of the country and obey them. Overstaying on an expired visa could lead to a prison sentence and it is always advisable to request permission before taking photographs to ensure that no-one is offended. Taking photographs near military compounds might be misunderstood and have awkward consequences. It is wise to always show respect when visiting other countries, as their traditions and culture is different from what visitors might be accustomed to.

The U.K. Embassy in Algeria will be able to assist you with any travel, law, monetary and custom information you might require. Always remember to register your arrival with the embassy in case of emergencies.

Embassy of the United Kingdom in Algeria
12 Rue Slimane Amirate Hydra, Algiers
Telephone: (+213 21) 230 068; (+213 21) 230 068 
Fax: (+213 21) 230 067
E-mail: [email protected]

Please note: Contact details are subject to change.

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