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Algeria gained its independence from France in 1962 and chose to establish the French Embassy on a fifteen-hectare estate in Algiers, known as Peltzer Park.

The French Embassy in Algeria has various divisions that manage specific
functions, over and above maintaining relations with Algeria. The divisions
include the Diplomatic Chancellery, the Military Mission, Administration
Services, Consulate Services, the Economic Mission Division, French
Development Division and the offices for Cultural Action and Co-operative
Services. There are also French consulates located in other cities
throughout Algeria

Consular Services are offered to French citizens living in Algeria,
those who are just visiting the country and Algerians planning to travel to France. The French Embassy recommends that visitors should contact the embassy before their arrival to
familiarize themselves with the customs, laws, traditions and general
information relating to the country. The embassy can supply vital
information with regard to other matters as well, such as marriage, adoption,
importing pets and safety issues. Passport renewals and applications can be
done at the French Embassy and they can also assist with visas. They
are able to provide help during medical emergencies – such as illness, injury and death – and during natural disasters or civil unrest.

It is essential that the laws of Algeria be obeyed at all times, as
the French Embassy is only permitted to recommend a lawyer and serve as a liaison should a French citizen be arrested. They are not able to negotiate
release or alter prison accommodation. Once in Algeria, visitors fall under the law and legal system of the country. The French Embassy in Algeria is
also not able to make or cancel any bookings or arrangements on your
behalf. Visitors should always remember to register their arrival and travel
itinerary with the French Embassy so that they can be contacted in case of
emergencies. Any queries or concerns can be directed to the embassy who will gladly try to assist visitors or residents.

French Embassy in Algeria
25 Way A. Gadouche, 16035 Hydra, Algiers, Algeria
Telephone: (+213 21) 981 717

Please note: Contact details are subject to changes.

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