Discover Algeria through the National Museum of Antiquities, Algiers, Algeria

The museums of the world are the window into the history and creativity of a particular country. It is here where visitors are able to explore the past generation and the development of the country and marvel at the historic relics and artifacts that stand as a reminder to these ancient times. And in Algeria, the National Museum of Antiquities in Algiers, is one of the most fascinating and comprehensive museums in the country. It is where the past meets the present and where Algeria comes to life.

What makes the National Museum of Antiquities so unique is the fact that it does not only showcase pieces and history of Algiers, but has a wonderful collection that has been sourced from towns and cities across the country. Having displays from around Algeria, gives visitors a comprehensive look at the country, in one location, making the National Museum of Antiquities a very popular attraction and educational tool. Some of the rare artifacts that visitors can look forward to viewing are the totemic warriors from the Libyan period, ivory carvings and a breathtaking coin collection. The sculptures that are located throughout the museum are magnificent, and include a third century child with an eagle, a sculpture from Cherchell and wonderful bronzes. The museum is also home to an extensive art collection, ancient mosaics and dozens of priceless manuscripts.

The National Museum of Antiquities has an exclusive collection of exhibits and offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the cultures, traditions and age old beauty of this fascinating country. When in Algiers, visitors are recommended to add the museum to their list of activities, as they will not be disappointed at the wonders that are contained within the walls of the National Museum of Antiquities.

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