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Not far from the beautiful National Museum of Antiquities, is an ancient and spectacular Turkish mansion that has been immaculately restored and transformed to become the Bardo Museum of Algeria. The building is a spectacular attraction in its own right, with its superb architecture and decorative design, and it houses some of the best and most exclusive artifacts and unusual items that visitors are ever likely to see.

The Bardo museum was established in the mansion in 1930, and its eighteenth century style provides the museum with a unique and beautiful home. As the museum is predominantly Ethnography and Prehistory focused, visitors can look forward to a variety of exquisite artifacts and displays. These rare exhibits are arranged in various galleries according to the artifacts and pieces displayed in each. The museum has everything from ancient fossils, to pottery and some of the pieces include a spectacular collection of rock paintings and rock carvings that were discovered in the Tassili-n-Ajjer region, copper tea pots, stone collections, leatherwork, jewelry, wooden furniture, costumes and weaponry.

Each gallery has its own unique pieces for visitors to marvel at, of which many are priceless artifacts. The Bardo Museum is a wonderful attraction in Algiers and wonderful way to discover the magnificence of past eras.

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