Algeria: The Barb Horse

Without the horse, history would have stood silent and there is no better example than the horse of North Africa, The Barb. Today this horse is known as the Arabian and throughout the past 4000 years, this magnificent beast has helped to shape human existence.

The first written accounts of the Barb were made by the Romans over 2000 years ago, but recent findings of rock paintings in places such as Tassili in Algeria, show these horses existed some 4000 years ago. The Romans exported this animal for help with everyday life and most historians believe that the use of the Barb in times of war helped the Romans to become the dominant force throughout the world.

Throughout the history of war, there are records showing these horses participation. Many believe that because of its size, powerful and stocky, and quickness the Barb horse helped to defeat the Germans in First World War and thus ending this dramatic conflict.

Today the Barb horse of North Africa is still an integral part of daily life. Used for travel, help with tending to farmlands, and as a show horse, this animal is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and loyalty. The lineage of this graceful being can be found in most breeds throughout the world such as the thoroughbred and the Godolphin Arabian.

As you plan your adventure to Algeria, make time to experience the horse that shaped the region. For it is an amazing example of endurance that creates a long lasting beauty and grace that should be experienced by those with a true adventurers spirit.