Algeria’s International Exhibition

It is estimated that some 10,000 people will stream through the doors of the Algeria Business Center this year between the 28th and 30th of October for the annual International Exhibition for Fruit and Vegetables Industries.

The building, which is situated in front of the Hilton Hotel, was a natural choice of venue for this prestigious event as it is big enough to cater for the 200 or so exhibitors that are expected to participate in the event. This is the first time that the event is being held in Algeria but it is hoped that the success of the event will enable it to continue running on an annual basis.

The decision to host the LFL Algeria in Algiers was made after the outstanding success of similar projects in Morocco. In turn the IEC has now committed itself to help the Algerian project to enjoy similar success by using the experience gained from previous project to help run the event and develop the country. After the success of the inaugural event in Morocco, it was predicted that the exhibition site needed to be expanded by some 9000 square meters to ensure that there was adequate space for the exhibitors for subsequent exhibitions. The LFL therefore made the decision to make use of 3 different exhibition halls as well as an outdoor exhibition area so as to ensure that there was enough space for all 200 exhibitors to properly display their products. Two poles have been dedicated solely to the production of olive oil and dates and there is an ever-increasing level of participation by other nations.

In response to the event, Algeria has been able to develop a strategic plant which will encourage exchange and investment from both local and international companies in the country’s agricultural sector. The choice of topic was a natural one since the fresh produce industry is one of the biggest in Algeria. Algeria was also a somewhat natural choice since it is close to Europe and is therefore able to benefit from the most recent agricultural technology and expertise of more experienced European farmers. It is hoped that the exhibition will not only benefit local agricultural developers but encourage foreign investors to get involved in the country’s economy as well as encourage local developers to look at the possibility of exporting. Hopefully the success of the event will surpass that of previous years and it will go a long way to boosting Algeria’s economy.