Developing Economic Growth in Algeria

Creating a strong and secure infrastructure is the main focus of Algeria’s government at this present time. It is hoped that by focusing on the country’s infrastructure, the economic growth of the country will improve, and looking at the various industries within Algeria, expansion and development is possible. Creating competitiveness will also assist in generating improved services and delivery, and Algeria has already taken the first steps towards upgrading its infrastructure by launching its Complementary Plan for Growth project in 2005.

The agricultural industry of Algeria has the potential to increase its export market and become competitive on an international scale. In 2008, Algeria set to work to increase their agricultural sector by eight percent, and this project is aiming to reach its goal by 2013. Expanding investment opportunities has also been focused on, especially in regard to the domestic market, in products such as potatoes, meat, milk and olive oil. This then spills over to other sectors, including packaging and processing. Taking advantage of its lucrative gas resources has enabled Algeria to develop their fertilizer and petrochemical industries, which is influential in the textile sectors, mining, plastics, resins, construction and automotive industry. Algeria will also be focusing their attention to the electrical industry, mining, energy, steel, hydrocarbons, construction materials and metal. With growth in each of these industries, the subject of unemployment can also be positively addressed.

For those in the private sector, a door to a new world of success can be opened through the promotion of tourism. Foreign visitors could hold the key to creating employment in local communities, by maturing traditional skills and the unique culture of the country. Crafts, celebrations, historical buildings and features that are exclusive to Algeria can lure tourists to the country. Locals can be trained in various skills, such as tour guides and artisans, to be able to carve a living from this popular industry. Economic development companies, of which there are thirteen, have been established to provide support for the ongoing projects within the various industry sectors, and will be of great assistance to boost the domestic growth and economy of Algeria.