Houria Aichi in Concert in Algiers

It’s not every day that great musicians choose to visit Algeria so music-loving Algerians will no doubt be very excited to learn that Houria Aichi will be visiting Algeria soon. The musician will be bringing her jazzy sounds all the way to Algiers to enthrall local audiences on February 12 when she puts on a large and noteworthy music concert in Algeria.

Houria Aichi was born in Aures and studied psychology in Paris, France, during the 1970s. Her music career only got started around 1985 when she started to perform on stage. At the time she was a sociology teacher. Whenever she took to the stage, audiences found her voice enchanting while the musical accompaniment of the GaSb (reed flute) and bender gave her performances a very unique edge. It wasn’t too long before she was able to record two albums, working mainly with only these two instruments and her own brilliant voice. ‘Songs Of the Aures’ was released in 1990 and ‘Hawa’ was released in 1993. After that Aichi was busy promoting her music so it was quite a bit later, in 2001, that she recorded her third album ‘Khalwa’. It is the third album, which is perhaps most special to the people of Algeria, since it is filled entirely with songs that are largely considered to be sacred to the people of Algeria.

Yet that was certainly not the end of her brilliant music career. In 2007 Houria Aichi met up with the music group Hijaz Car. Their passion for traditional Algerian music and song matched and it wasn’t long before a collaboration was formed. The final result was the release of the album ‘Aures the Cavaliers’. The music performed through this collaboration is a powerful mix of western Mediterranean lyricism, trance, story-telling and dark or melancholy images. No doubt, when Houria Aichi prepares to perform at her concert in Algeria, fans will be stirred by her enchanting and stirring melodies. The musicians backing up Aichi’s vocals include Nicolas Beck (bass), Gregory Dargent (oud), Gruel Etienne (clarinet), Fabien Guyot (percussion) and Jean-Louis Marchand (clarinet). If you’re going to be in Algeria around February 12, 2009, make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!