The Music of Algeria

The music of Algeria is steep in tradition and culture and represents the people with a melody of beautiful sounds. A type of folk music called Sha-bii is widely popular. Within the words are poetic structures that give forth opinions on the everyday life of Algeria.

The most famous performer of this form of Algerian music was man named El Hajj Muhammad El Anka. Born in 1907 he would become one the most prolific songwriters and teach many generations of Algerian performers. Preferring the mandolin as his musical instrument, El Hajj El Anka would go on to write over 350 songs and record some 130 records. Today his music is still widely played and his influence on the popular culture is as strong as ever.

Within this music, the vocals and poetic verse are the instruments that are highlighted. The voice is a reminder of melancholic times, heart-warming love and creates a backdrop to the beautiful lands of Algeria. As for the poetic verse, these words create an imagery that will make any master blush with envy.

Today there are hundreds of performers and musicians who instill their styles of this hauntingly beautiful music and can be heard the world over. Within the Northern Africa community this is the music of choice, but performers in France, the Middle East and Southeast Asia enjoy the popularity that comes with excellent musicianship.