Cap de Garde

Anyone planning a trip to the Algerian city of Annaba simply has to make sure that they include a visit to Cap de Garde in their travel itinerary. Travelling to this stunning destination from Annaba takes you along picturesque stretches of beach which will likely lure you to spend the entire day here soaking up the sun.

As of yet this striking location is relatively undeveloped. Cap de Garde is known for its breath-taking views and such a reputation is certainly not unfounded. Apart from a stunning stretch of coastline, the village of Saraidi offers visitors a chance to take in stunning views of oak forest as it is situated in the middle of the forest at an elevation of 900 meters just a short distance from the coast. Not far from Saraidi is the Massif de l’Edough which is used for walking. In fact most visitors to the area travel by foot and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds one on the paths and roads through Cap de Garde make this well worth the effort. Another village worth visiting is the coastal village of Chetaïbi. The village is known for its fishing and it has a wonderfully rustic sense of charm. When you visit Cap de Garde, you’ll immediately understand why it has a reputation for fantastic vistas.

The natural beauty of the Cap de Garde has not gone unacknowledged by the tourism industry. While there are not really any hotels or restaurants currently located outside of Annaba, visitors may soon find themselves able to make use of four and five star hotels, shops, restaurants and sports and entertainment complexes. Such projects are the goal of the URBAN Annaba tourism project which also aims to not only keep the natural beauty in tact but to provide long-lasting, quality tourism for the northeast parts of Algeria. Doing so will also provide work for locals and promote economic activity in the region. However until these goals are realized visitors are invited to make the most of the rustic conditions and unfailing beauty of the area by travelling Cap de Garde on foot or by making use of the local bus services. The unparalleled beauty of the area will make it well worth your while!