Zaho: A Star from Algeria

Algeria has been known for the creative diversity of its people, with many literary geniuses and music artists carrying the name of their birth country proudly. Through sport, art and the cultural sector, Algeria has seen many of its countrymen reaching international fame and fortune. The latest member to join these ranks is an artist by the name of Zaho. Even though she no longer resides in Algeria, she is proud of her heritage and locals support her rise to stardom, as she has become a role model for the younger generation and an inspiration to struggling artists.

Zaho was born in Chlef, in Algeria, on 10 May 1980. She was raised as Zehira Darabid in the suburbs of Bab Ezzouar, and started showing an interest in music from the tender age of seven. She was taught how to play the guitar and was able to learn a repertoire easily and quickly. Her life took a turn when her family decided to relocate to Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, in the year 1999; she was eighteen at the time. She began to study on arriving in Montreal, but was sidetracked on discovering the colorful and exciting professional music industry. Zaho, as she is now known, made the choice to rather concentrate on her passion for music than to study further. It proved to be the right choice, as she soon found herself working with artists such as Soprano and Tunisiano.

Some of her singles have included Hey Papi, which was released in 2006. In later years she astonished the music world with songs such as Je Te Promets, Kif n Dir, and Lune de Miel that she recorded with Don Choa. She also worked with a number of other international stars, including Sean Paul for Hold My Hand, and Justin Nozuka for Heartless. Her debut album, Dima, hit the stores in 2008, with her Algerian roots shining through the name, as it means ‘Always’ when translated. She also won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best French Artist in the same year. In 2009 she walked away with the NRJ Music Award for French Revelation of the Year. Zaho is gaining popularity and fame with each passing year, but she has not forgotten her home country or the beauty of its people.