Currency in Algeria, Money Used

Whenever you travel to another country, whether for business or for pleasure, you will inevitably need to familiarize yourself with the currency being used in that country. Not only will you need to determine where the various exchange points are and what sort of travel currency - such as travelers checks and credit cards - is available, but you will also need to get an idea of how much that currency is worth against your own currency.

Doing this helps you to get an idea of how much of your money you will be spending while away. If the currency of the country you are visiting has considerably lower value than that of your own, you may find yourself able to spend your money relatively freely since items will usually cost you less. However, if the opposite is true, you will have to spend cautiously. To ensure that you do no overspend – regardless of the situation – it is a good idea to budget for your trip carefully. Not only will you need to ensure that all your accommodation and food needs are fulfilled, but you will want to budget for some shopping as well as for the various activities you wish to pursue whilst on holiday. Of course, you should definitely budget for your transport requirements. It usually helps to be somewhat over-prepared and have a little extra to spend the day before leaving than to run into problems that might have you running short before your date of departure.

The currency of Algeria is the Algerian Dinar (DZD). You will probably have to exchange your money into the local currency as soon as you arrive, so make sure that you know where the nearest currency exchange bureau is. If you struggle to find one, you may try contacting the nearest tourist agency to ask for help. Using the local currency is definitely the easiest way to work with money in Algeria. Also, as is the case with most foreign countries where you are a noticeable stranger, you should take care to keep your money safely hidden on your person in case of pick-pocketing.

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