With the lack of well paid employment in Algeria, many qualified individuals have flocked to France or other European countries in search of a way to provide for their families. Some have left their families behind and others have managed to move with their families. Born and raised in Algeria, these individuals all have Algerian citizenship and thus have the right to return home whenever they wish.

Algerian expatriates also have the right to vote in the country’s annual elections no matter where they are living. Thus, whenever there is a major election in Algeria, you will often find a great number of Algerian expatriates flocked around the closest Algerian consulate waiting for their turn at the voting booth.

Algerian expatriates who make the decision to move to another country generally do so for economic reasons and still cherish a deep love their country, making regular pilgrimages back to their homeland. Some of them work hard at establishing themselves well enough in business to be able to establish some form of trade or business in Algeria in the future which in turn will provide jobs in their homeland.

There are not many expatriates from other countries who have taken to living in Algeria. Those that do live in the country are usually from other parts of Africa, where they have often fled from strife. It’s possible that you may have met an Algerian expatriate in your own country. You can usually identify them by their friendly, generous smiles and positive attitudes which is a trademark of this interesting North African country.

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