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Are you considering spending your next vacation in Algeria? provides you with a helpful traveler's guide. From basic need-to-know information - such as electricity points - to more important issues, this handy travel guide for Algeria will keep you informed. By taking note of these tips you are certain to have a pleasant stay.


Business and single entry visas can be obtained from the Algerian Embassy or Consulate in your country. It usually takes about 2-3 days to receive the one month visa. It is possible to have the visa renewed in Algeria should you wish to stay longer.


You can get around Algeria’s major cities by means of the bus and tram services. Alternatively you can make use of the taxis. However you should only use taxis recommended by the hotel in which you are staying. For further information on transportation in Algeria visit’s “Travel Options” page.


Overland travel at night between cities in Algeria is strongly advised against. Travel to more isolated areas and the mountainous regions of Algeria should only be done through a well-known tour operator or travel agent. Visitors to Algeria should remain alert to possible security risks and make every effort to adhere to careful security practices. Your local authorities will be able to advise you of areas currently affected by terrorism and which regions to avoid during your stay.


As Algeria is a largely Islamic country, many religious attitudes and prohibitions must be observed by visitors to the country. By following a few simple rules of etiquette you will avoid offending anyone. Whilst urban life is always a hustle and bustle, people in the rural areas will typically extend their hospitality. Take advantage of such opportunities to get to know these fascinating people better and to learn more about their intricate culture. Modest dress is important in the rural areas of Algeria, though it may not as necessary in large cities such as in Algiers. When entering a mosque you must be dressed conservatively and remove your shoes. Whilst drink is not prohibited, you will find that certain more conservative towns will not have bars or liquor stores. It is therefore advisable to only drink at a bar or at your hotel. As the country has experienced extensive political problems, discussing politics is not advisable. Do not take photographs of military installations or personnel. Such items should not even appear in the background of your photograph.


Electricity: 230V / 50Hz; European plug – 2 circular metal pins.
Time Zone: GMT +1
Communications: Dialing code – 213; For more information on communications in Algeria visit’s “Communications and Internet Access“, “SMS”, “TV”, “Newspapers” and “Radio” pages.
Tourism office: Tel – 21 713 060; e-mail – [email protected]

We trust that this Traveler’s guide to Algeria will prove helpful when planning your journey to Algeria.

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