Television, Local TV Stations

Local Algerian TV is limited to just one station. Electronic media (TV and Radio) in Algeria is state-controlled. However, the printed press is very active and often has much to say about the authorities. Whilst there are no censorship laws as such, legislation states that those insulting or slandering government officials can face prison or hefty fines.

Algeria’s main TV station is Enterprise Nationale de Television or ENTV. This state-run television station can even be viewed online. Private ownership of TV stations is not allowed in Algeria. In 2002 ENTV formed a collaboration with Khalifa TV, an Algerian TV station in Paris that is privately owned.

Algerian TV stations that can be viewed online include Telediffusion d’Algerie and Algerie 3 (Thalitah TV). Satellite TV is very popular in Algeria and most hotel TVs are linked to a satellite dish. BRTV is a Berber station that is broadcast from France to Algeria via satellite. Other French, European and Arab channels are also commonly watched. With a relatively wide choice of satellite TV stations you are certain to find something to keep you entertained in your language.

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