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Newspapers in Algeria are a vital forum of information for the population. Literate individuals who do not have access to televisions and radios can get up-to-date news from one of the country's many newspapers. Some of Algeria's newspapers are available online. This is a great way to find out what the situation in the country is and can give you insight into the culture, lifestyle and issues facing the people.

A large percentage of Algeria’s mass media is government controlled, however the private press is very active and has been known to offer candid opinions on the authorities. Whilst there is no direct censorship of Algeria’s newspapers, legislation has been put in place whereby prison sentences and fines can be administered should the president, government, judges or army be insulted or slandered. Such laws have upset media rights organizations that impute that the government is trying to maintain control over the press. Aside from pressure by the government, members of the Algerian press also face threats by Islamic militants. Despite this, Algerian newspapers continue to be published and extensively distributed. Daily newspapers come out in Arabic and French. They are mostly published in Algiers, Oran and Constantine. Weekly papers are also published, some in other languages such as English.

Below is a list of publishing agencies and newspapers in Algeria:

El Khabar
El Watan
Journal Officiel
Ech Chaab
El Moudjahid
El Youm
La Tribune
Al Fadjr
Algeria Daily (English)
Algerie Press Service
Al Mustaqbal
Algeria-Interface (English/French)
Djazair Newspapers
El Heddaf
El Massa
La Depeche de Kabyalie
La Nouvelle Republique
Les Debats
Le Matin
North Africa Journal
Le Jeune Independent (French)
Le Quotidien d’Oran
Le Soir d’Algerie

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