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Sidi Fredj is more than just a picturesque resort town, it is a historical landmark, and some of its history can still be visited today. In the year 1830, the colonization of Algeria, by the French, started when their troops landed here and it again became a vital military post during World War 2. Over the years, however, Sidi Fredj has developed into one of the most popular resort towns in Algeria, that offers luxury accommodation, a playground for the rich and a town filled with a variety noteworthy attractions and exciting activities.

The old fortress is a major attraction in Sidi Fredj, and nearby, visitors are able to attend great shows at the theatre. Boating enthusiasts are able to dock in the harbor and the facilities available to visitors have created a strong tourist complex for all to enjoy. There are also many natural wonders to explore, such as the surrounding forests and landscapes and the town is also home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. A variety of water sports can be found along the coastline and hotels in Sidi Fredj offer only the best in style and service. The town is also striving to become more environmentally friendly, exploring solar power as a form of energy, which has been successful in a few projects so far. Sidi Fredj is the perfect destination for sun, fun and relaxation, and is a destination in Algeria that doesn’t disappoint.

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