UNESCO Heritage Site in Algiers, Attractions, Algeria

In 1992, UNESCO recognized a site in Algeria that is not only historical and fascinating, but which is still home to thousands of residents, namely the Casbah of Algiers. It is one of the most visited and impressive attractions in Algiers, and is a landmark to the city and a monument to its past. Originally constructed on the old Icosium ruins, the Casbash of Algiers has been transformed over the centuries, but many of its old structures are still in existence. The casbah itself is a truly unique and interesting experience.

Many visitors to the Casbah are overwhelmed by the hundreds of narrow streets that wind through it, which can best be described as a labyrinth of pathways. Due to its authenticity, the Casbah of Algiers has welcomed many film crews, flocking to this magnificent attraction to be used as a movie set. While exploring the casbah visitors will be able to discover wonderful noteworthy sites such as mosques, palaces showcasing the Ottoman period architecture and the ruins of the old citadel.

Tradition and culture are a vital part of living in the casbah, which creates an atmosphere that visitors will not find anywhere else in Algeria or in the world for that matter. It is an unforgettable attraction that combines tradition and history with daily living, allowing visitors to travel back in time and discover the breathtaking past of the country.

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