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Digital Geneva Convention needed after ransomware attack, Is the Syrian regime worried about international justice?, Friendly approach won't dissuade Kim Jong-un, Facebook Live presents ethical concerns, The economic benefits of solar and wind energy

"The cybersecurity wake-up call the world has long needed has occurred...," states an editorial. "The obvious lesson is that computer operating systems need to be kept updated with the latest security software and data regularly backed up.... But there is a wider issue, highlighted by the vulnerability having first been discovered by America?s National Security Agency, which kept its finding secret only until the hacking tool it had allegedly developed was itself stolen and leaked online.... Microsoft has been calling for governments to draft and implement a digital Geneva Convention to ensure that governments do not keep vulnerabilities to themselves for exploitation. "The [Bashar al-Assad] regime in Syria is not only responsible for the worst state-orchestrated mass killings so far this century, it now appears to be trying to cover up at least some of its tracks in the belief that this will one day help it evade accountability when the war is over...," states an editorial. "A US State Department official has reported that a crematorium has been built at the [Saydnaya] prison which could be used to dispose of the bodies of victims of the regime.... International justice investigators, if ever they went to Saydnaya, would struggle to establish the facts.

Readers write: Inspiring story, open communication, chain of knitting

Regarding the April 24 & May 1 People Making a Difference story about Esther Zeiher: Thank you so much, Isabelle de Pommereau. Recommended: Could you pass a US citizenship test? Regarding the April 10 Home Forum essay, ?The mystery of knitting ... remains a mystery?: I am a knitter.

How artists can heal ? and heal others ? after tragedy

The American rock band Eagles of Death Metal was performing on stage at the Bataclan, a Paris club, when gunmen opened fire. ?Music is important ? It?s a talisman for helping those people heal, ? said Josh Homme, the band?s drummer, in a recent HBO documentary about their return to Paris. The documentary, ?Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends),? captures an emotional journey after the attacks for the band and fans.

Montana election victory is also a warning for Republicans

Montana?s wild election for an open US House seat is in the history books. Recommended: What do you know about Donald Trump? ?There?s no question that the House is in play? in the midterms, says GOP strategist Ford O?Connell.

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