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Fertilize by drone, till by text: Making tech work for Africa's farmers

Around the world, agriculture is becoming ever-more mechanized: from robot-run farms in Japan, to artificial intelligence-tracked pigs in China, to strawberry-picking machines in the United States. Here in Ghana, in rolling plains of pineapples a few hours northeast of Accra, high-tech farming innovations are still in their early days. Half of the continent depends on agriculture for all or part of their livelihood, according to the United Nations Agriculture in Africa 2013 report.

Across US, trans rights make election gains even as White House pushes back

Aleksandra Burger-Roy was genuinely shocked when she first heard about Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot. The initiative asked voters if Massachusetts? law preventing discrimination in public places should continue to include transgender people. ?I continued to be shocked when the polls said that it?s close,? says Ms. Burger-Roy, a student at Northeastern University.

Meanwhile in ... Jinan, China, local authorities are using a point system to encourage better supervision of dogs by their owners.

In Jinan, a city in China?s Shandong province, local authorities have created a point system to encourage better supervision of dogs by their owners. Infractions, including letting dogs off leash in public or not picking up after them, can result in a deduction of points. If owners accumulate enough infractions they may be fined.

Behind the surprising surge of hope for US criminal justice reform

Two years ago it looked like criminal justice reform was doomed. For years a glimmer of bipartisan hope amid congressional gridlock, lawmakers from both parties worked on legislation to reform a justice system riven with issues that can begin at the moment of arrest and can continue through the momenta former prisoner re-enters society. Yesterday, President Trump threw his support behind a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill called the First Step Act.

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