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Algeria, with its wide open spaces, massive sand dunes, impressive mountains and deep canyons, is a country just waiting to be explored. Adventure travel in Algeria is booming! To cater for the numerous adventure tourists who visit the country, various companies have begun to offer unique Algerian adventure tours. Join us as we consider some the exciting activities on offer in this diverse and fascinating country.

It is Algeria’s vast deserts and amazing mountains that draw adventure travelers from far and wide to this beautiful North African country. Adventure companies often offer fun-filled expeditions to the Hoggar Mountains and the Tassili N’Ajjer plateau. Four-wheel drive is one of the most popular means to traverse the far-reaches of the country. Four-wheel driving adventures to Tassili du Hoggar will take you for a six hour journey across rocky hills and oueds. From a safety perspective, it is advisable to join an organized four-wheel drive excursion, which has the added advantage of having a knowledgeable guide on hand to teach you more about this fascinating country. If you feel you have good navigational skills and would like to create your own desert adventure, there are several car hire companies in Algeria’s larger cities. Find yourself a comprehensive map and a good compass or even GPS and you are set to go. Remember to also take extra fuel with you and any other necessities as you venture into the isolated zones of Algeria.

Tired of traveling the conventional way? Try a 4×4 of a different kind – a camel. Experience the Sahara desert the traditional way, the way people throughout the ages have been covering vast distances between towns and villages in North Africa. Riding to some of Algeria’s best known geological features on the back of a camel is a unique experience not to be missed. Your guide will be able to take you to unforgettable areas of Algeria and teach you much during your journey.

Another living 4×4 that many people are more familiar with is the horse. Horseback adventures are a great way to explore Algeria’s stunning coastline. Picture yourself cantering beside the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the wind whistling past your ears. Horseback trips can lead you to lesser known villages where you can truly immerse yourself in Algerian culture. Whether it is just a day or several days, horseback is a great form of adventure travel in Algeria.

Opportunities for adventure travel in Algeria are endless. Algeria can truly satisfy the adventurous heart.

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