Tlemcen National Park, North West Region, Algeria

The Tlemcen National Park is located in the North West Region of Algeria, near the city of Tlemcen in the province of the same name. This scenic protected area is rich in biodiversity and incorporates historically significant sites. Considered to be a national asset, the Tlemcen National Park is home to 141 animal species, including 100 different species of birds of which 38 are protected, 16 mammal species of which 8 are protected, 18 reptile species and 7 amphibian species.

Natural attractions in the Tlemcen National Park include the magnificent Beni Add Caves with their unusual calcite formations; the Ifri, Zariffet and Ain Fezza forests and the picturesque waterfall – Cascades d’el Ourit. The historic sites and monuments located in the park include the Mosque of Sidi Boumediene which was built in 739 by the Merinid prince Abu Hassen; the Sidi Bou Ishaq Tayar Mosque; the Mansourah mosque and minaret; and the mausoleum of Lalla Setti which is an excellent lookout point for viewing some of the park’s breathtaking scenery.

The goals of the team managing the Tlemcen National Park include the protection of the natural environment; the protection of rare and threatened species; the regeneration of environmentally sensitive ecosystems; the protection of historic sites and monuments; identification and redistribution of wildlife within the park’s boundaries; the development of eco-tourism; promoting education and raising public awareness as to the necessity of the protection of biodiversity – all of which will ensure that future generations can enjoy this beautiful Algerian national park.

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