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At approximately three hundred and fifty years old, the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque is by no means a new religious site, as the name reflects. The Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque was constructed in 1660, during the Ottoman period, and even though its designation changed a few times over the centuries, and reconstruction was done to suit its new purposes, the building survived the French onslaught, which saw many historic buildings destroyed. As the ruling forces changed, so did the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque, and is today an interesting structure that reflects numerous architectural styles.

Some of the styles that can be seen in the architecture include Byzantine, Italian, Turkish and Andalusian. Through years of remodeling, visitors will enjoy this spectacular attraction as it is educational, interesting and breathtakingly beautiful. There are two entrances to the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque and visitors can look forward to exploring the ramparts, domes, vaults, columns and wood finishes that have been designed to perfection. As the mosque was forced to take on the role of various religions, new designs and additions were made to accommodate each community, and so giving the mosque its unique look and atmosphere.

At certain times, the mosque does not allow non-Muslims through its doors, but when it is open to the public, visitors are advised not to the let opportunity pass them by to discover this magnificent historical wonder. Every church and mosque in Algeria has a story to tell, and the Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque, is a building that holds the secrets to the past, and the good fortune to still be in existence for future generations to enjoy.

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