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Golfing enthusiasts are known to try to include a round of golf wherever they may be visiting, and while Algeria is not exactly what might be termed a golfer's paradise, there are some golf courses for visitors to enjoy a game at. The Arab world has been exposed to golf since World War I when the British introduced the game to Egypt, eventually finding its way to Algeria.

Algeria has one main golf course located in the country’s capital city, namely the Algiers Golf Club. The club is popular with both locals and foreigners and is a great way to socialize with local Algerians. The course covers roughly 10 km of ground and features stunning views of the sea and Algiers. The club has golf equipment for hire, friendly, well-trained staff and offers an all round interesting golfing experience. It is really one of the few golfing opportunities that you are likely to encounter whilst in the country, so take some time out to compare your golfing skills to that of the locals. Don’t miss the opportunity to T-off on your next visit to Algeria!

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