80 Partnership Contracts Signed with Investors

The diverse and fascinating country of Algeria, situated in North Africa, has a shoreline stretching 1,200 kilometer along the Mediterranean Sea, which boasts world-class seaside resorts and beaches. In addition, Algeria has many beautiful landscapes throughout the country to delight sightseers, from mountains and forests, which enjoy snow in winter, to unique desert areas of golden sand. The historical and cultural background of Algeria offers tourists many opportunities to gain insight into a life-style different from their own, which is often the motivation for travelers to visit a foreign country.

Recognizing that tourism is a great asset for Algeria, authorities under the leadership of the Minister of National Planning, Environment and Tourism, Cherif Rahmani, are putting into place a strategy to promote Algeria as an appealing tourist destination. Recently in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, 80 partnership contracts were signed between the Ministry for Town Planning, Environment and Tourism and numerous national investors to fill the need for tourist facilities. The projects will include a marina and hotels on a nationwide scale, with construction starting in 2008. The estimated cost of the project is 20 billion dinars. It is anticipated that upward of 8,000 jobs will be created as a result of these development projects.

Interestingly, a significant number of tourists visiting Algeria are French settlers who left Algeria in 1962 after the country gained independence from France. Known as “pied-noirs” (literally meaning black feet), many of these people express need to return to their roots by visiting the country in which they were raised. Tourist operators are filling this need by arranging “pied-noir” tours during which entire groups of people with a common interest are visiting Algeria. The result of these tours is proving to be beneficial for the Algerian tourist industry.

Mr. Rahmani pointed out that these 80 partnership contracts that have been signed were the first step in Algeria’s long-term tourism development strategy. Further contracts with national and foreign investors are in progress, with the view to being signed in the near future. With plans to rejuvenate the tourism industry moving ahead, there is every indication that Algeria is headed towards becoming a major tourism destination of choice.