Accomplished Algerian Artist Zoubir Hellal

Under the title of Forza Femina the works of Algerian artist and designer Zoubir Hellal were recently on display at the Palais des Rais in Algiers. In addition to exhibiting in his home country of Algeria, the award-winning artist has held exhibitions in Chile, Spain, Morocco, Russia, Hungary, Venezuela, Serbia, Libya and France. He is a founding member of the artistic group Essebaghine, promoting a revival of the arts in Algeria in the 21st century.

Zoubir Hellal Mahmoud Moussedak was born in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria, on 21 September 1952, completing his primary school education in Oran and his secondary education in Algiers. His artistic talent was enhanced by studies at the Society of Fine Arts in 1966 and 1967, before continuing his education at the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Algiers and later at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris between 1970 and 1974 where he earned a degree specializing in architectural design. His later studies included a degree in fine arts at the University of Paris in 1988 where he was taught by Professor Edmond Couchot, after which he studied the theory and history of art in Algiers under the tutelage of Professor Kadache Mahfoud in 2002.

Zoubir Hellal went on to teach design at the Graduate School of Fine Arts based in Algiers between 1977 and 2010, during which time he served as Head of Department, followed by Director of Studies and later filling the role of Director of Academic Affairs. He made a noteworthy contribution to developing the curriculum of the school’s higher degree of artistic studies and reforming art education.

Achievements of Zoubir Hellal include being the director of the visual arts department for the Year of Algeria in France which took place in 2003. The occasion was aimed at mending relations between the two countries, with French President Jacques Chirac making his first visit to Algeria, and special festivities taking place in Paris, including music concerts and art exhibitions highlighting the talent of Algerian artists and musicians. Zoubir Hellal has received the President’s Award of the Republic of Algeria; a Silver Award from the Review of Contemporary Art in Dallas; the National Award Picasso in Madrid; the Special Jury Prize at an international event in Turkey; and a Medal from the Asselah Foundation in Algiers.