Algeria Excel in 2010 World Cup

On Friday, 18 June 2010, Algeria showed the world why they deserve to be in the World Cup. The Algerian team ran out onto the field at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, in South Africa, with clear determination, and even though they were facing off against England they displayed no sign of fear. Many thought that the match would glide into the hands of the English, but Algeria delivered a magnificent performance, seeing to it that the match ended in a 0-0 draw. Both teams would have preferred to score a goal, but either way, Algeria showcased their worth to the dismay of England.

Algeria, ranked thirtieth in world, took on England, ranked in eighth position in the world rankings, in a Group C World Cup match that most thought they already knew the outcome. Looking at England’s performance, they seemed to have played better against the United States in their opening match, where their efforts also ended in a draw. With so many soccer stars in their lineup, fans and coaches watched in disbelief as the Algerians dominated the game, and walked away with having 55 percent possession of the field by full time. The second half of the game did show a more determined England side on the field, but efforts by both teams to score where stopped in the tracks by a brilliant defense. The joy and elation of the Algerian team could not be overlooked as the full time whistle blew, as they were able to give all Arab nations renewed hope for the rest of the championship. Riad Boudebouz commented to the press, after completing a successful debut game: “We’re happy with this draw, especially since the English underestimated us in the media over the past few days. We wanted to show them that we’re not just here to make up the numbers in this World Cup and that we have a good team.”

With restored confidence and a magnificent performance against the English team in their pockets, Algeria will now be looking towards their upcoming match against the United States on Wednesday, 23 June 2010.