Algeria’s New Grand Mosque

As soon as the word got out that Algeria was going ahead with the construction of the New Grand Mosque in the bay of Algiers, many engineering companies and architectural firms submitted their entries. Companies from China, Germany, Algeria, Tunisia and Italy were all waiting for the outcome to hear who had received the contract for the New Grand Mosque in Algiers.

In April this year, the contract was given to the Canadian engineering firm Dessau-Soprin. Dessau-Soprin will be working closely with the National Agency for the Construction and Management of the Algiers Mosque, as this agency is responsible for overseeing every aspect of this remarkable project. At present, Dessau-Soprin is already busy with a few projects in Algeria, and is a Canadian company that operates worldwide. The New Grand Mosque contract will also secure an estimated one hundred employment opportunities and will involve local resources. The colossal project of the mosque will take approximately seventy-six months to complete and will require the expertise of highly specialized technical and managerial professionals.

Not only will the New Grand Mosque in Algeria be third on the list of largest mosques in the world, but its minaret tower will definitely be the biggest of its kind. At three hundred meters in height, it will overshadow any other minaret tower in the world, which will more than likely draw the attention of those who travel to Algeria. The large mosque will also be able to accommodate a staggering number of some 120 thousand worshippers and will also feature a wide variety of other facilities. The New Grand Mosque will have a beautiful, green recreational park and many grassy areas scattered around the complex. There will also be a luxury hotel, religious buildings, a cultural science center, libraries, a shopping center and restaurants. A conference room, laboratory, amphitheatre, Qur’an House and media centers will complete the complex.

Those who travel to Algeria after the completion of this multi-billion project will not be able to resist the temptation to visit both the old and the New Grand Mosque. Comparing these two marvels will not be possible, as the old Grand Mosque will always hold ancient beauty, while the New Grand Mosque will exhibit the magnificence of modern technology and engineering.