Bay of Algiers Seafront Development

The bustling city of Algiers is both the capital and the largest city of Algeria, as well as the second largest city in North Africa. Algiers is situated on the west side of a large bay along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Authorities believe that the Bay of Algiers seafront development, consisting of numerous renovation and expansion projects, will attract foreign investment and provide hundreds of jobs, to the benefit of the economy and the image of the city.

The Bay of Algiers seafront development has been in the pipeline since the 1980s when the Algerian government initiated plans to redevelop the coastal strip extending east of the port area of the bay. The plans would include replacing the many buildings and warehouses dating back to the 19th century with modern districts. Unfortunately, an unfavorable economic situation forced authorities to put the plan on hold for a while.

Plans for the Bay of Algiers seafront development are now on the move with a total of 18 kilometers of renovating, rebuilding and modernizing set to take place in the very near future. The Bay of Algiers will include canals and marinas along four kilometers of the seafront. The prominent Hilton Hotel is already established on the shores of the bay and will soon be joined by additional luxury hotels and shopping areas, as well as prestigious apartments and offices. Future plans include a crescent moon-shaped peninsula built out into the open sea, with six islets having tourist and residential complexes on them being joined by bridges and marinas.

The Algiers Medina project is already well underway, with the opening planned for late 2008. The medina has been designed with leisure as the theme, and includes shopping centers, a marina, a water sports park, a stretch of boulevard for pedestrians along the seafront and cultural activity areas.

The construction of the third-largest mosque in the world is another future development for the area. Dubbed as the “Great Mosque”, it will accommodate 12,000 worshippers and provide a venue for spiritual, cultural and scientific activities.

Apart from creating hundreds of jobs and serving the tourists visiting Algeria, the Bay of Algiers seafront development will provide the city’s population with a much needed centre in which the whole family can enjoy entertainment and relaxation.