Beautiful and Vibrant Ain El Turk

It was known as El Eurfa – a wide open plain that was home to nomadic tribes. The two major tribes that inhabited the area co-existed harmoniously across the plain and relied on each other for trade. The tribes would also sell their products in the nearby city of Oran and in Mers el-Kebir, and focussed on agricultural products such as wool, meat and honey, as they were avid bee-keepers. From the early 1800s the face of the plains began to change, slowly being transformed into a popular seaside resort town.

Ain el Turk, or Ain el Turck, is situated a mere fifteen kilometres from the city of Oran, and its name is derived from its direct translation meaning “Fountain of the Turks”. It now has nine municipalities, but in 1831 the area where the town was constructed was very much secluded from frequently used roads or routes of travel. Ain el Turk was connected to the main roads through a village named Naqous. Sea routes were also popular during this time, connecting Ain El Turk with major cities such as Oran. Due to the location of the town, the indigenous people of the area were able to establish fruit orchids because of the no less than eight water sources, such as St Rock, Source of St Maurice and Bally Source. This also means that the area is blanketed in forests and dense vegetation. Vines, almond trees and Jujubie are common, and edible plants can be found around every corner, including chicory, chestnuts, asparagus, mushrooms and fennel.

The area is picturesque and there are numerous hotels located in Ain El Turk as its beaches are the main attraction. Visitors choose Ain El Turk as a destination so as to enjoy its natural wonders and the tranquillity and sun the beaches provide. The town also has a very vibrant atmosphere that is directed at tourism, and has wonderful cafés, restaurants and an exciting nightlife to keep visitors entertained. As the town is close to Oran, many visitors to the city drive through to Ain El Turk for the evening to enjoy its unique holiday atmosphere.