Ben Badis Mosque in Constantine

It is rather fitting that one of the most breathtaking attractions in Constantine, Algeria, is named after one of the most influential and admired members of the Algeria community. Born on 4 December 1889 in Constantine, Abdelhamid Ben Badis became a vital campaigner for religious reform and established the Association of Muslim Algerian Ulema. His studies and travels might have taken him on journeys outside of Algeria, but he always returned, eventually passing away in 1940 in the city of Constantine.

The picturesque city of Constantine is the third largest city in Algeria and is located approximately eighty kilometers away from the Mediterranean Coast. Situated on a plateau, the city is famous for its magnificent ravines, wonderful bridges, beautiful agricultural land and its fascinating historical attractions, such as the Ben Badis Mosque. There are quite a few noteworthy sights in and around Constantine and tourist flock to this destination in Algeria every year to enjoy theses attractions and activities.

Of all the historical buildings and religious sites in Constantine, the Ben Badis Mosque definitely stands out. Not only because of its connection to Abdelhamid Ben Badis, but because it is seen as an architectural masterpiece. Hundreds of international travelers visit Constantine, and more specifically, the Ben Badis Mosque. It is one of the most famous religious sites and mosques in the entire region. The mosque is still in use everyday by local followers, although some believers travel to the Ben Badis Mosque from various destinations, coming to the mosque as a pilgrimage and to pray. Travel Maps of the World have named the Ben Badis Mosque of Constantine one of the most beautiful and most prolific mosques in the world. The mosque is viewed as much a religious site as it is a monument to the work done by Abdelhamid Ben Badis. This magnificent sight should not be missed out on by tourists and visitors, as everyone that enters this attraction walks away with a sense peace and wonder in their hearts.